Progress On My Second Horror novel, Silent Hill Obversion

Posted: May 1, 2020 in Silent Hill Obversion
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It’s been a while since this author has provided any updated relating to my upcoming horror novel, Silent Hill Obversion. It’s been so long since I wrote any thriller content. I must admit, the last few weeks have been really busy. Here’s why.

New Writing Work

About two months ago, I was appointed as a writer for a major online corporation. This company hires writers, such as myself, to write articles for huge online sites. Since this is something I’m used to doing for my own websites, such as my blog, my publishing company, and game news site AIR Entertainment, I felt this was something I could easily do.

This was about the same time that I announced that my author hiatus was over and that my writing on Silent Hill Obversion horror novel had continued. It was also right after I dropped the selling price for my first horror novel, Silent Hill Betrayal. I also started picking up the pace on my game reviews.

Writing for the company has taught me so many things. It’s also been keeping me very busy with writing. So much so, that I neither had time or energy to focus on Silent Hill Obversion. The first few weeks were a steep learning curve. Yet, I must have done something right, as I was promoted to one of the top teams in the company within two weeks.

What does this mean for my Silent Hill books?

Silent Hill Obversion | Horror novel | Survival Horror Book

You must be wondering, if I am spending so much time and energy on my new writing career and writing game reviews, where will I find time to write my Silent Hill Obversion horror novel. Don’t worry, I asked myself that too. It’s been quite a hectic two months, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

It’s all about time management. I’m learning how to cut down the time I spend on each article and starting to allocate time slots for each of my writing projects. All I ask is that you bear with me; my second Silent Hill horror novel will continue. I am working on Silent Hill Obversion as much as I can.

With the amount of words I’ve been able to churn out for the new company, I’ve learnt what I’m capable of. Now, if I can use the same approach for my Silent Hill novel, I will actually be able to get it out sooner that I anticipated. Even though, I had planned on publishing the survival horror novel last year on Halloween.

New Silent Hill Writing Schedule

Silent Hill Obversion | Horror novel | Survival Horror Book

As I turn 40 this coming Sunday, time is becoming more precious to me. I’ve planned seven Silent Hill horror books for the series, with only Silent Hill Betrayal published and still working on Silent Hill Obversion. It means, should I complete one Silent Hill survival horror book every year, I’ll be finished when I am 44.

That might not sound so bad to you, but there are still other novels I want to author. I have a full list of concepts and ideas I want to write books for. And right now, it feels like I am getting nowhere slowly.

As far as my upcoming survival horror novel is concerned, my plan is to continue writing on weekends where I can. My week days are fully committed to my new writing career, so the only gap I can find is on weekends at the moment. If I find time anywhere else between family and my game reviews on AIR Entertainment, I’ll be sure to fit it in.

FAQ on my Silent Hill Books

Silent Hill Obversion | Horror novel | Survival Horror Book

I’m going to be setting up a page for FAQ about my Silent Hill books. Many of you have contacted me on social media or commented on my posts, asking relevant pertinent questions; unlike some trolls out there. I appreciate the questions, and I feel I should answer them centrally, here on my blog, for everyone to find.

Here are some of the questions on my Silent Hill horror books that I will answer. If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment.

  • Are any of my books based on the Silent Hill games?
  • Is there any hope of my books becoming Silent Hill movies?
  • Do I find inspiration from any horror movies?
  • Which locations from the Silent Hill games will be in the novels?
  • What are the plans for the Silent Hill book series?
  • Did I get permission from Konami to write Silent Hill horror novels?
  • Will any Silent Hill game characters be found in the survival horror novels?
  • Am I writing any other novels based on popular games?
  • What is my experience with Silent Hill games?
  • What are my key focus points when writing my Silent Hill horror novels?
  • Would I classify my Silent Hill novels as horror or psychological thriller?
  • Where can you buy my Silent Hill novels?
  • How long have I been working on my Silent Hill novels?
  • When will Silent Hill Obversion be released?
  • Is there a central theme to Silent Hill Obversion?
  • Do any characters from Silent Hill Betrayal return in Silent Hill Obversion?
  • Is Silent Hill Obversion a sequel to Silent Hill Betrayal, or is it a standalone thriller novel?
  • Which theme elements between the two Silent Hill thriller novels are the same, and which are different?
  • Is there an underlying story to the entire Silent Hill book series?

As soon as my FAQ page is up, I will let you know.

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