My Silent Hill Writing Hiatus is Over

Posted: March 16, 2020 in Silent Hill Obversion
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For those of you who have been following me and my work, I want to thank you for your patience, to start off with. Since January, I have been struggling to even look at Silent Hill: Obversion. This novel is so intense and complex, that I felt like I was getting lost in my own designs.

And so, I took a step back. Something wasn’t right, and didn’t sit properly, or something was missing. So I decided to walk away from the novel for a bit, and focus on my publishing business and gaming website in the interim. Clear my mind from the horrors within by working on something else.

I am happy to announce that I am back to working on the novel again. I am having to backtrack back to Act 2 again and redo some planning, since the new ideas I have that work so well with the novel now requires me to make some changes. I may need to rewrite some parts, but I am more than happy with the direction that the novel is taking now. I’ve discovered what was missing, and I am pleased.

I still want to do some additional planning over this week, and if all goes well then it means I can start writing chapters again by next week. The Silent Hill: Obversion Newsletter will be starting up again soon, so for those of you who are still subscribed for that free ebook, expect further news in your inbox.

Now before I end, there is one more matter I want to address. It seems as if the Silent Hill franchise is on the rise again. Besides rumours that two Silent Hill games are in the works, as well as a new film, there is now new talk of Sony Interactive Entertainment wanting to get the IP of Silent Hill from Konami.

The interesting question is, what would such a buy-over mean for me. I mean, I originally got permission from Konami (through local distributors) to write my own Silent Hill novels in 2014. It is now 6 years later. Would I have to now obtain new permission from SIE to continue?

I don’t believe so. I believe I could continue with the original permission granted, as long as I keep my evidence of that permission safe and sound. If SIE really care enough about the IP and licences if the buy-over happens, and they slap me with a cease-and-desist letter, then sure. I would have to reopen discussions, and, failing that, would have to stop writing them under the Silent Hill name…

And just rename the books to a different name…. I’m not letting years of planning these 7 Silent Hill books just fall away.

So don’t worry. The stories will go on. I will keep tabs on what is happening with the Silent Hill I.P. and if it effects my novels in any way.

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